Craftland Artist: Angela Zampell & Hot Glue Heroes December 7, 2018 14:03

If you've been to Craftland, you know we're fond of shiny things. We've always been a "more is more" shopping experience. That's why we're so excited to welcome Angela Zampell and her Hot Glue Heroes creations to Craftland's 2018 Holiday Extravaganza!

Some people might prefer to relax after a long day by curling up with a good book, but Angela unwinds by making these adorably kitschy & crafty vignettes. The end result are Hot Glue Heroes, now available as tree ornaments at Craftland. These dioramas may be tiny, but by golly, they deliver big delights!

Each diorama is assembled from vintage figurines, trinkets, and baubles, decorated with fancy art paper, trim, tinsel, glitter, and all held together with (you guessed it!) generous amounts of hot glue. Filled with things like plastic unicorns, teeny Tabasco bottles, vintage Santa figurines, and mini Kewpie dolls, Hot Glue Heroes ornaments have been delighting Craftland customers and staff from the moment they arrived in the store.

Our favorite part? Each diorama is made using a repurposed pet food tin. We love it! As artist who repurposes materials in surprising ways, a whiz with a hot glue gun, and a pet lover, Angela is a woman after our own crafty hearts.

Angela's passion for craft and vintage goes beyond Hot Glue Heroes. She's also the organizer of the Craft & Kitsch Winter Market, now in its second year. The market pops up on December 8th and 9th from 10AM to 4PM at the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative and will feature 28 vendors selling vintage clothing, handcrafted goods, original artwork, and a whole lot more!

You can learn more about the Craft & Kitsch Winter Market on their website,, and RSVP at the Facebook event page.

The Craft & Kitsch Winter Market is only one of many upcoming holiday pop-up sales happening in Rhode Island this weekend. We hope you'll attend Angela's event and help us support her and all of Rhode Island's independent artists this holiday season. Find more group artist sales happening this month using our 2018 Holiday RI Pop-Up Sale Map!

Thanks, Angela! We're so happy to have you at Craftland!

Fundraising Fridays: Craftland Supports Girls Rock! Rhode Island November 29, 2018 20:11

At Craftland, we offer original, handmade gifts all year long, and we're excited to support organizations that develop the original gifts of our community's young people. 

Join Craftland to support the work of Girls Rock! RI through Fundraising Fridays! During the holiday season, Craftland will donate a portion of our sales every Friday 5-8pm to Girls Rock! Rhode Island.

Oh yeah!! ( Insert guitar solo here )

Girls Rock! Rhode Island is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that offers creative experiences to girls, women, trans, and gender non-conforming individuals. For a decade GRRI has organized local musicians to volunteer their time to help young people learn to make music and encourage critical thinking, collaborative relationships, and healthy identities.

GRRI's flagship program is Girls Rock Camp -- over 5 transformative days campers learn an instrument, join a band, write an original song, and perform it in front of a live audience of hundreds. Whoa! Campers learn how to rock, and also attend workshops on issues like power and privilege, media literacy, and healthy relationships. Ladies Rock Camp is a similar 3-day experience for adults who want to rock. If you have not explored your inner Joan Jett, we strongly encourage you to sign up for a camp!

GRRI also offers year-round group music lessons, discussion groups, and after-school programming. Young people can borrow equipment through the Gear Loan program and get support from volunteer musicians during free Youth Drop-In sessions.

On Fundraising Fridays, Craftland will donate 25% of all proceeds from evening sales to each Girls Rock! RI and Youth Pride, IncShop at Craftland from 5PM to 8PM on November 30 and December 7, 14 and 21. We'll take care of the rest!

We know that creativity is a powerful avenue of self-discovery -- and everyone deserves a chance to rock! Spread the word, and support GRRI by shopping at Craftland on a Friday evening this holiday season. Together we can help Girls Rock! RI prepare a new generation of leaders who can get loud! 

Thank you, Girls Rock! Rhode Island, for everything you do! YOU ROCK!



5PM to 8PM 
November 23 and 30 
December 7, 14, and 21 
View on Facebook

Fundraising Fridays: Craftland Supports Youth Pride, Inc.! November 19, 2018 11:34

At Craftland, we're all about gifts, and we believe in the giving spirit of the holiday season. This year we're throwing our collective support behind two amazing youth organizations in our local community.

Craftland is delighted to support the work of Youth Pride, Inc. and Girls Rock! RI through Fundraising Fridays! During the holiday season, Craftland will donate a portion of all sales on Friday from 5PM to 8PM to these great organizations. 

Youth Pride, Inc.Youth Pride, Inc. (YPI) is an affirming space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and questioning young people to find strength, build community, develop connections, and be themselves.

For over 25 years, YPI has provided free programs, including counseling, basic necessities, leadership training, wellness activities, and social events to LGBTQ+ youth throughout Rhode Island.

YPI also supports LGBTQ+ students in schools and advocates on behalf of young people -- on both individual and institutional levels -- to end the homophobic and transphobic environments where they live, work, learn, and play.

On Fundraising Fridays, Craftland will donate 25% of all proceeds from Friday evening sales to each Youth Pride, Inc. and Girls Rock! RI. Shop at Craftland from 5PM to 8PM on Fridays starting November 23. We'll take care of the rest!

We think young people have a fundamental right to express who they are. We are delighted that YPI exists to nurture and defend that right in our community. Help us spread the word about YPI, and support YPI's mission by shopping at Craftland on a Friday evening this season. Together, we can make a huge difference.

Thank you, YPI, for all the work you do -- day in and day out -- in support of our community's incredible youth!

5PM to 8PM
November 23 and 30
December 7, 14, and 21
View on Facebook

Introducing Craftland's 2018 Holiday RI Pop-Up Sale Map November 15, 2018 11:45

Craftland 2018 Holiday Rhode Island Pop-Up Sale Map

At Craftland, we are honored to showcase the work of so many talented and industrious artists and makers from Rhode Island. We believe in our creative community and we want to help it thrive!

This year we created a 2018 Holiday Rhode Island Pop-Up Sale Map to connect local holiday shoppers with the artists, crafters, and makers in their community. Our online map features dozens of group sales events in Rhode Island throughout November and December.

Find the map on our website here: 2018 Holiday Rhode Island Pop-Up Sale Map

“Craftland is operated by artists, and we know that sales during the holiday season can make up a large part of an artist’s annual income," said Margaret Carleton, Craftland's owner and founder. 

“We wanted to help raise the profile of all of the amazing opportunities we have in our community to buy beautiful handmade gifts created right here in Rhode Island.”

You said it, Margaret!

We hope you'll join us this season in supporting the independent creators who help make our state magical.

Buy Local. Buy Handmade. See you at Craftland!

Holiday Extravaganza Design by Providence's Jen Corace November 13, 2018 14:58

Craftland 2018 Holiday Extravaganza Image by Jen Corace

Craftland is honored to once again to have a stunning original artwork by Jen Corace to usher in our HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA. Jen lives in Providence and was one of the early members of the Craftland team. An illustrator, painter and educator, Jen has created the Craftland HOLIDAY EXTRAVANGANZA design for several years. 

You can find her beautiful Persist and No Human Being is Illegal prints for sale at Craftland this year.

Persist by Jen Corace     DACA print by Jen Corace

Learn more about her work and see her fantastic dog, Leonard, on Jen Corace's web site.

Thank you Jen!

CALL TO ARTISTS: 2018 Craftland Holiday Extravaganza!! August 27, 2018 16:45

Colorful Tie-Dye Candy Canes

Do you know Craftland’s origin story? Before Craftland became the year-round colorful craft bonanza you know & love, it was a wee little holiday pop-up shop. That was all the way back in 2002. We’ve grown up from a wiggly baby into a sassy teen, but the holiday season is just part of who we are, deep down in our bones. Our DNA is made of tinsel!

We want you to join our story, so we’re so excited to announce…

The artist application for the CRAFTLAND HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA is now open! Hoorah!! We’re looking for 50 new artists to join us this year, so if you’re crafty & creative and you have something to put out there, we want to hear from you!

Craftland’s Holiday Extravaganza is celebrated from mid-November right through the end of 2018, with a swingin’ kick-off party on November 24th. It’s always super exciting time of year for us, and we just love being showcase so much incredible work, talent, and creativity from our little corner of the universe. Craftland shows incredible work by EVERYBODY -- from teens to grandparents; from fresh-faced newcomers to seasoned professionals; from illustrators to photographers, woodworkers to knitters, soapmakers to jewellers, and everything in between. You’ll fit right in!

So why should you apply to the Craftland Show, you ask? First of all, everyone who works at Craftland is a creator in some way or another, so you can trust that we know and honor all of the love and attention that goes into your work. Secondly: Location, location, location! Craftland is located in the heart of bustling Downcity Providence, which means your work will get in front of hundreds -- nay, thousands!! -- of eager holiday shoppers. Another good reason? We understand how important it is to know when you’ll get paid, and we’re always super diligent in making sure our artists get paid on schedule.

Excited yet? I know it SEEMS early, but we’ll be hearing Jingle Bells before you know it. So don’t dawdle -- APPLY TODAY! The application deadline is September 15th, so get going!

Oh, and don’t forget to share this news on social media with your friends who make cool stuff!

We are super excited to see all the fantastic things you can do!

Ready to apply? GO HERE!

Intrigued, but want more info? GO HERE INSTEAD!