AS220 Tour!

AS220 is an incredible skillsharing and collaborative environment, and a fantastic and affordable place to make your creative ideas come to fruition. Team Craftland (Heather, Darrien, Nikki, Emily, and Jude) has been curious for many years about taking classes and what it means to be a member of AS220. A few weeks back we were lucky to be given a tour by Madison and Sara, along with printer Jacques Bidon to see how many wonderful tools, machines, and knowhow is packed into the organization. We all felt inspired, and are so happy they're a part of Providence's awesome community! We hope the videos inspire you too!

Let's get to know AS220!
Touring the printmaking studios
The Silkscreen studio. Community Ink? Community Screens? All available to members of the AS220 Community.
Time for the lovely laser cutter!
Let's move onto the fabrication lab!
CNC? What's that?
Let's chat with Jacques!
Let's see one of Jacques' finished prints!
The proof is in the pudding. And our pudding is prints.
Jacques walks us through the printing process with prints we took home!
Thank you AS220 for having us! We love what you do for the arts in Providence.
Want to support AS220 but aren't so artsy yourself? Check out their Murmurations Tarot Deck in the Craftland store! 100% of proceeds go towards AS220's goal to keep the arts thriving.
Remain in existence, and you will prevail!
Signing off with love
-Jude, and the rest of Team Craftland <3

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