Silkscreen Chat with Milkcan Industries!

This time on our artist interviews, Heather got to visit Jenna Goldberg from Milkcan Industries in her silkscreen studio. While talking over Jenna pulling some silkscreens, Heather and Jenna talk about the "charm meets neglect" culture of Rhode Island, running a business as an artist, and as always, what are you listening to?

Let's get to the press!
So what's this about furniture?
How does Jenna even COME UP with these designs?

Where does the name "Milkcan Industries" come from?
Time for Heather's favorite question.
What's next?
As always, we'd like to thank Jenna for the wonderful opportunity to visit her in studio and see her work! Be sure to check out her work at her store, the Matchbox, or here at Craftland. We're so glad you're a part of our Craftland family!
Signing off,

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