About Craftland


CRAFTLAND is a landmark store in the heart of downtown Providence brimming with unique and beautiful gifts handmade in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and select pieces of artistry and weirdness from across the country. Owned and operated by a lovable, rag-tag gang of artists, Craftland is dedicated to dishing out delight to our visitors and to supporting our local creative community. Our one-of-a-kind shop and online store offer ideas for every occasion of gift giving, including clothing, accessories, original artwork, housewares, toys, prints, jewelry, stationery, and treasures that defy category.

Every winter we re-imagine our store, find work from dozens of new artists, and launch the annual CRAFTLAND HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA to make the holiday season super gay for both Ebenezers and elves alike. Do we serve a festive cheeseball at our holiday kick-off party? Absolutely yes! Do we watch Christmas at Pee Wee’s Playhouse every year? Also yes.

A local pioneer in the contemporary movement of handmade and DIY, Craftland began way back in 2002 as a Holiday Pop-Up event, and transformed into a year-round retail shop in 2009. Since long before Instagram and Etsy were twinkles in the internet's eye, Craftland has been a source of support, inspiration, and community for the local craft and maker movement. We are always searching out new artists to champion and worthy causes to pour our hearts into. We hope you enjoy wandering through our enchanted store to discover something that fills you with wonder and joy.

Craftland is located at 212 Westminster Street and online at www.craftlandshop.com.

P.S. - All Craftland non-consumable purchases are tax free! Ka-pow!!