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Cats > People Gift Box

Regular price $45.50

For that friend that loves their cat(s) more than people, we have put together the perfect Gift Box filled with lots of goodies. We've even included a handmade cat toy locally made by Maisonwares that we can personally attest is filled with the very best catnip! There is a patch with the cutest cat innocently proclaiming that he/she will destroy everything you love. (yeah they will!) A 4"x4" sticker reproduction of an original Jonny Ruzzo print. An enamel pin from Paper Parasol Press that sums it all up; Cats > General Public. And a screen printed card by Middle Dune that any cat lover would appreciate, showing the absolute indifference of a cat towards humans which is ironic considering how much love this Gift Box shows them! Only a cat person would understand why we love them.

Gift Boxes available in very limited supply. Order soon!