Bookmark Bookplates


If'n books

Bookmark-Bookplates are non-adhesive bookplates that double as place-savers! A Bookmark-Bookplate allows you to remind borrowers who the book's owner is - without the commitment of having to permanently adhere the card to the book itself.

On the reverse, cheeky 'Terms of Use' caution borrowers that if they remove the bookmark-bookplate from the book, then they can expect to encounter myriad unpleasantries!

Each Bookmark-Bookplate set features:

    • 10 Bookmark-Bookplates!
    • A borrowing chart to help keep track of the whereabouts of your books!
    • A library pocket to store it all in!
    • Secret hidden history of the bookplate inside the packaging!

Made in Providence, Rhode Island by Deb Dormody of If'n Books & Marks.

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