Past Exhibits


New York City artist Dan Butler will be presenting "Past Objects" in the Craftland Gallery from May 22nd – June 26th. 

Dan Butler's colored drawings are inspired by is life in New York City. Butler says, "Ornamentation (definition: Things added to something to provide decoration) in objects like buildings, fire escapes, streetlights, etc. are details I observe everyday in New York City. Industrial machines and equipment, also, have surprising allure with commanding presence of tough materials and weathered appearance. The existence of these things elevate my senses to the point of fantasy or dream and deepen my appreciation for the place and the people who envisioned and labored to create them."

"Past Objects" will be on display in the Craftland Gallery from May 22nd – June 26th. 

Please join us at the opening reception on May 22nd from 5pm – 8pm. RSVP for the event here.

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Dear Diomara began as an art contest for book lovers that took place at the Rochambeau Library. The rules of the contest were simple; create a scene, no larger than a shoebox, from a book that the artist has read. The dioramas were judged by a panel of art critics and book lovers.

This exhibit will be on view in our gallery through Thursday, April 3.

We will be hosting a closing reception in the Gallery on April 3 from 5 – 7. See you there!

* *  


Locally Sourced
Presented by Yellow Peril
August 17 - October 13, 2013

Yellow Peril Gallery is pleased to present “Locally Sourced”, a group exhibition at Craftland Gallery featuring artists living in Rhode Island who intimately connect with their surroundings and create works of art using materials that are native to the Ocean State.

Curated by Robert P. Stack from Yellow Peril, “Locally Sourced” is a sort of pun, lovingly poking fun not only at shows like the current one at the RISD Museum, but also restaurants that use the farm-to-table movement almost to overkill in their PR.  This group exhibition will showcase works by local artists, promoting an “art-to-wall” movement, including a “menu” that acts as a guide, revealing the local or regional source of the materials used to create the art and where it was created within a 100-mile radius from Craftland.

“‘Locally Sourced’ features art locavores,” proclaims Stack.  “By creating locally, these local artists create a greater connection between themselves and the community that inspires them by sourcing materials from either Mother Nature or Mom and Pop shops.”

From the shores of Aquidneck Island to the banks of the rivers meandering through the Blackstone Valley and the discarded remnants documenting someone else’s history, local artists depend on the world that surrounds them and the people that support them – in the museums, galleries, the street fairs, bars and restaurants – anyplace locally that they can share their works of art with a diverse audience.  “Through their actions, these artists further strengthen the contemporary art landscape by supporting the local economy and establishing pride in the ‘Made in Rhode Island’ brand,” notes Stack.

Artists featured in ‘Locally Sourced’ include:  Johnny Adimando, Brooke Goldstein, Flynn Grinnan, Emma Hogarth, Jon Laustsen, Philippe Lejeune, Lisa Maloney, Mara Metcalf, Maria Napolitano, Babs Owen, Masha Ryskin, Mel St. Laurent and Tom West.

“Locally Sourced” will be on display at Craftland Gallery from August 17 until October 19, 2013.  This is Yellow Peril Gallery’s first collaboration with Craftland.


* * 

Foot Apple Parade
June 20 - July 20, 2013 

Xander Marro
Prints, Puppets, Paper mâché

Opening reception: Thursday, June 20th from 5pm - 8pm

* * 
Essimar / Dorisse / Siemering / Shlian    

Group Show: Peaked
May 16 - June 15, 2013
Sublime explorations in paper forms.

Matthew Shlian / Eight Emperors; Ann Arbor, MI
Doris Häusler / Dorisse; Ingolstadt, Germany
Esther Ramirez / Essimar; Chicago, IL
Rebecca Siemering; Pawtucket, RI

Opening reception: Thursday, May 16th from 5pm - 8pm. RSVP on Facebook (though not required). 






 * *  


Joseph Aaron Segal
Pretty Snake Home

April 11 - May 11, 2013 

Curious interior products. Smashingly practical.

Reception: Friday, April 12th, from 5pm - 8pm. RSVP on Facebook.

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Artificial Memories
Photographs by Corey Grayhorse
March 7 - April 6, 2013 

Please join us for the opening reception on Friday, March 8th from 5pm - 8pm. RSVP on Facebook. 

In Corey Grayhorse's world, Japanese street culture collides with haute couture, and Hello Kitty courts Marie Antoinette. 

Scooping icons from their original context, Grayhorse transforms them into a new reality, with a reverent nod to the traditional and punctuated with a contemporary kiss. Her photographs embody a fresh and lively mix welcoming the absurd and surreal.


* *


L-R: Jill Colinan, Deth P. Sun, Jen Corace

Love Nest 
January 31 - March 2, 2013

A group exhibition of prints, paintings, sculpture, and drawings created for the second annual Valentine show in the Craftland Gallery.

Featuring work by:

  • Jill Colinan
  • Jen Corace
  • Jim Frain
  • Peter Fuller
  • Leif Goldberg
  • Corey Grayhorse
  • Cassi Jacobs
  • CW Roelle
  • Erin Rosenthal
  • Deth P. Sun
  • Daria Tessler
  • Alec Thibodeau
  • Hilary Treadwell
  • Matthew Underwood
  • Neal Walsh 

Reception: Thursday, February 7, 2013 featuring Peter Fuller's Cafe Intelligencia, and Cabot cheeses.


* * 



Love Nest 
January 31 - March 2, 2013

A group exhibition of prints, paintings, sculpture, and drawings created for the second annual Valentine show in the Craftland Gallery.

Featuring work by:

  • Jill Colinan
  • Jen Corace
  • Jim Frain
  • Peter Fuller
  • Leif Goldberg
  • Corey Grayhorse
  • Cassi Jacobs
  • CW Roelle
  • Erin Rosenthal
  • Will Schaff
  • Deth P. Sun
  • Daria Tessler
  • Alec Thibodeau
  • Hilary Treadwell
  • Matthew Underwood
  • Neal Walsh 

Please join us for the reception on Thursday, February 7, 2013 featuring Peter Fuller's Cafe Intelligencia, and Cabot cheeses. RSVP to the reception on Facebook.



11th Annual Craftland Holiday Show
November 23rd - December 31st, 2012   

The 11th Annual Craftland Show is a quirky holiday sale located in downtown Providence, Rhode Island featuring an eclectic assortment of fine crafts and cutting-edge handmade items made by 170 independent artists.



* * 



Kristin Sollenberger
October 11th - November 10th, 2012  

Solids gathered from the cloud. 

Precipitate is repurposed cloth, wood and rope, assembled by hand, guided by eye, embracing error and accident, with hope for resolution.  

Opening reception: Thursday, October 11th, 5pm - 8pm. 


* * 




Jon Laustsen
Terrestrial Contact
September 6th - October 6th, 2012

Hand-crafted to scale construction materials, including cast-concrete cinder blocks, scaffolding, oak flooring and all-dimensional lumber, processed through space and time into fantastical and discrete sculptures and wall pieces.

"The impulse from an early age to build and tear down and rebuild is one of the starting points for my work. The materials commonly available at any nearby building store is another. Combined, I am connecting that impulse, and its fallout, with points between and attention to the skeletal, material and built make-up of dream-induced habitable spaces in flux."

  Opening reception: Thursday, September 6th, 5pm - 8pm.


* * 


O&G Studio
Modern with an old soul.
August 2nd - September 1st, 2012 

Based in Warren, Rhode Island, O&G studio boasts a unique line of sustainable American made furnishings and accessories. 

Opening reception: Thursday, August 2nd, 5pm - 8pm.  Jonathan Glatt of O&G Studio will be present.

* * 



Ricky Katowicz
Today is a Birthday
  Stitched portraits of noteworthy individuals sewn on the anniversary of the day they were born.
June 21st - July 28th, 2012

Ricky Katowicz bends the traditional confines of the sewn line to explore and re-imagine portraiture. His interest in the tension between artist and machine informs his process of forcing the sewing machine to draw pictures instead of interlocking fabric. Currently he is stitching one portrait per day. Visit the Craftland Gallery June 21 – July 28 to see a sampling.


* * 




Kathy Halper
POS (Parents Over Shoulder)
Original embroidered works from the "Friend Me" series
May 17th - June 16th, 2012

Friend Me is a series of embroidered drawings created by Chicago artist, Kathy Halper, based on Facebook photos of teens paired with found texts meant to explore the contemporary teen's experience through today's public technology.

As a mother and artist, Halper processes this distinct moment in time where teenagers' questionable transgressions can be broadcast immediately for the world to see, rather than as a story to be told from the safety of adulthood.



* * 




Daria Tessler
In the Realm of the Seedkeepers
Original pen and ink watercolor pieces featuring a variety of imagined characters in a strange surreal world. Parades, magical masks, and ritual abound.
April 12th - May 12th, 2012 

Reception: Thursday, April 12th, 5pm - 8pm



* * 



Greg Stones
Penguins, Zombies, and Nudes
Thirty 3.5" x 5" brightly morbid gouache paintings.
March 8th - April 7th, 2012 

"I start with a basic landscape or figure-study sketched in pencil.  Then I add a light wash of watercolor.  And then I try to think what would make the painting especially awesome.  Penguins, zombies, and nudes are invariably the answer."

Reception: Thursday, March 15th, 5pm - 8pm 

Event: Draw On! Saturday, March 31st, 2pm - 4pm
Created by the Aldrich Museum, the goal of Draw On! is to bring together an entire community of people, organizations, schools, and artists to celebrate drawing, and to discover drawing’s knack for encouraging learning while fostering communication and understanding.

Get inspired by Greg Stones' work in the Craftland Gallery and come draw with Craftland! We will create a large community drawing and you are also encouraged to bring your sketching journal for an inspired and relaxed chat & draw session, complete with snacks and drinks.

* *  

L-R: Gilheeney/VanNostrand, Pedini, Barandes

Group show featuring one-of-a-kind and limited edition Valentines by local and national artists.
February 2 - March 3, 2012 

These artists pay homage to or push the envelope (so to speak) of the Valentine tradition popular since the 19th century. About 190 million Valentines are sent each year in the United States. Valentined pops out from the masses.

Please join us for the reception: Thursday, February 9th, 5-8pm. There will be sweet snacks and delicious drinks. In addition, Arley-Rose Torsone will be on hand to hand-letter envelopes to your Valentine for $5 in her unique style.


An Li Liu
Mark Pedini
Shea'la Finch, Lois Harada, & Dan Wood
Shawn Gilheeney & Willa VanNostrand
Arley-Rose Torsone & Morgan Calderini
Mickey Zacchilli
Alec Thibodeau
Devienna Anggraini
Kath Connolly
Jason Tranchida
Liz Starin
Pippi Zornoza
Jill Colinan
Sarah Parrott
Shelley Barandes
Delia Kovac
Jen Corace
Marissa Falco
Deb Dormody
Hilary Treadwell
Sarah Coyne
Eling Chang
Emmy Bright
Julia Gualtieri & Walker Mettling
Ian Cozzens

* *  

Rhode Island Community Food Bank's Nothing Campaign
September 1 - October 15, 2011

"When most of us want food, we just go to the grocery store and buy it. But for many other Rhode Islanders, that simply isn’t an option. They come home to bare cabinets and empty refrigerators—kitchens filled with nothing.

We wanted to find something that might help the rest of us—in some small way—to understand what that feels like. So we decided to package that “Nothing” the same way we’re used to seeing foods: canned and on the shelf at the grocery store. But these empty cans are more than a symbol—purchasing a can of Nothing means putting food on a hungry Rhode Islander’s table.

Nothing was produced pro-bono by NAIL, an award-winning firm in Providence, and its advertising was made possible by Citizens Bank Foundation. Learn more by visiting"

* *  


July 21 - August 20, 2011
Emily Klass
The Sound the Door Makes When It Opens

A series of detailed pen and ink drawings inspired by forms in geometry and nature. 

The Sound the Door Makes When It Opens is a series of detailed drawings inspired from cycles of growth and decay in both the man made and the natural world. In the same way buildings come together brick by brick to form a whole, so do these drawings. Using one geometric form as the starting point for each piece, lines are emphasized to create different patterns and images. I am interested in the idea of seeking perfection through repetition, and embracing the imperfections that inevitably arise.  

* *


June 16 - July 16, 2011
Delia Kovac

Handmade images of private and public space. Including the debut of a drawing collaboration with Marissa Paternoster. 

The works in this exhibition are evidence of long held ideas, as well as quick flights of fancy. In the spirit of the Craftland Gallery, I chose truly handmade works to exhibit. Though the works are diverse in themes and production, there are some common threads that hold them together. They all seek to highlight the latent connections between representation and abstraction. Often small repetitive abstract marks gather together to build a recognizable form, just as often they collapse on themselves and create a formal plane. It is this liminal tension that drew me to the sly contradiction in the phrase Comfortable Distance. 

* *

May 12 - June 11, 2011
Cody Thompson
Witch Doctor

New works by Cody Thompson featuring beaded and sequined ceremonial flags in the Haitian Vodou style. 

  * * 



April 7 - May 7, 2011
The Magic Child Repository

Group show of handmade books curated by Art Middleton

The Magic Child Repository is a month long celebration of handmade books highlighting local and national independent presses. The show investigates the line between the designed art object and the book, showing that design and construction can inform how a collection of writing may be enjoyed on different levels, and how different disciplines can inform and embolden each other to create a product that is dynamic and unique.

The Corresponding Society
Corrugated Press
Double Cross Press
Flying Guillotine
Greying Ghost
Kidney Press
Noemi Press
Rope-a-Dope Press
Rose Metal Press
Small Fires Press
Tuesday: An Art Project
Ugly Duckling Presse

Also available for perusal in our reading lounge, is work by Mara Bethel, Emmy Bright, Tom Bubul, Jen Corace, Claire Donato, If'n Books + Marks, Delia Kovac, Walker Mettling, Jenn Morea, Andrew Oesch, Kate Schapira, Dan Wood and Pippi Zornoza.

 * *


January 27 - February 26, 2011
Arley-Rose Torsone, Mixed Messages
solo show

"I like to explore the wild world of type through letterpress, drawing, painting, digital type design and three-dimensional sculpture. Recent investigations into the sign-painting world has sparked an interest in the traditional craft of gold-leafing and sign-painting, and I've been lucky to know a very talented sign painter named Scott Carroll who has taught me a lot."


* *


10/14/10 – 11/13/10
Lamp Lit - New Work by CW Roelle
solo exhibition

Opening reception: Thursday, October 14th from 5-8pm

"I connect images and objects and scenes with time and place and mood. Some of the images take me back to where I grew up, some to the fancier atmosphere of comfort showcased in the stories of Jeeves And Wooster among countless others, and some to the architectural nooks and crannies and bits and pieces that put me, relaxed, in a room with soft light and warm socks."

* *


9/9/10 – 10/9/10
Islay Taylor & Devienna Anggraini present:

* * 


7/1/10 – 7/31/10
Rebecca Siemering guest curator
Sleight of Hand - Embroidery Show

  • Samantha Cotterill / mummysam
    Michael Aaron McAllister
    Leisa Rich
    Richard Saja
    Will Schaff

 * *


5/27/10 – 6/26/10

Liz K. Sheehan guest curator
Souvenir Stand

Shannon Buck/ Loaded Hips Press
Lise Grossmann
James Milostan/ Paul Bunyan Fine Art
Alyssa Zygmunt/ BROOKLYNRehab

Souvenirs – French for “to remember” – are inherently contradictory. Though they evoke powerful memories for their owners, and may have high sentimental value, these objects are often cheaply and anonymously mass-produced in countries far from their point of sale. As an alternative, the artists in this exhibition share an intent to restore the maker’s biography to the souvenir, creating unique objects that reference both personal history and regional identity.

* *

4/22/10 – 5/22/10 Peggy Lo guest curator
Catherine Hamilton: recent works on paper.
Sketches and digital drawings from watching birds.
* *

3/18/10 – 4/17/10 Shannon Rankin solo show
A survey of process, pattern, and place
A collection of exploratory installations, collages, and studies; inspired by geological and biological processes, patterns in nature, geometry, and anatomy by Shannon Rankin.
“While bearing traces of the original form, I deconstruct maps to create new geographies, suggesting the potential for a broader landscape.”

* *

February 11th - March 13th, 2010
Opening reception: February 11th, 5-8pm
Rebecca Siemering, guest-curator

Bright work for a dull season. At the tail-end of winter, we all get a little stir crazy, waiting for the colors of spring to pop again. Craftland Gallery will be filled with primary colors and patterns to thaw the mental freeze of winter. Colored pencils, fabric, glass and paint will fill the gallery with eye-popping warmth and wonder.

Material Desires is guest curated by Providence artist Rebecca Siemering and features the work of Jenine Bressner, Lynne Harlow, Peter Lutz, Jennifer Maestre, Barbara Owen and Islay Taylor.
* *

January 7th – February 6th, 2010
Opening reception: January 14th, 5-8pm
Faythe Levine, guest-curator

Merrilee brings her gouache and ink images of a darkly humorous view of natural history all the way from Birmingham, Alabama. Hailing from Aurora, Ontario, Margaret makes work that combines her fascination with science as a medical doctor with her love of nature to create crochet covered stones featuring fractal patterns and Fibonacci sequences.
* *

10/15/09 – 11/21/09
Opening reception: October 15th, 5-8pm
Matthew Lawrence, guest-curator

Liz Collins
Michael DiPietro
Steven Frost
Monica Panzarino
Christopher Schulz
Anna Shapiro
Jason Tranchida
Matt Underwood

World of Queercraft features work by eight artists, who present the
world using both traditional craft methods and concepts traditionally
thought of as gay, from rainbow flags to Barbra Streisand. Each piece
pushes the meanings people give queer imagery, sometimes with
unsettling and unexpected results. Matt Underwood’s video work
incorporates footage culled from gay adult websites, while Christopher
Schulz’s Pinups question preconceived ideas about pornography and the
male body. Chicago artist Steven Frost sews merit badges for
ordinary tasks, while Jason Tranchida needlepointed an enormous pink
screw using peg board and flaggers’ tape.

There are some odd overlaps: Frost and Monica Panzarino both
incorporate karaoke into their work, while Tranchida and RISD textiles
professor Liz Collins both work with flags. Collins’ Pride Blob
stretches to over eighty feet when flat; the flag was created as part
of a knitting performance in Waterplace Park in 2008.
* *

Boys of Summer
09/10/09 – 10/10/09

Boys of Summer is a collection of work by select crafty men from the Providence area.

Ian Henderson
Andrew Oesch
Will Schaff
Alec Thibodeau
Cody Thompson
Shawn Wallace

Kristin Sollenberger
October 11th - November 10th, 2012  

Solids gathered from the cloud. 

Precipitate is repurposed cloth, wood and rope, assembled by hand, guided by eye, embracing error and accident, with hope for resolution.  

Opening reception: Thursday, October 11th, 5pm - 8pm. RSVP to the opening on Faceboo