Welcome to Craftland!

Craftland located at 212 Westminster Street in Downcity Providence, RI

CRAFTLAND is a landmark art & gift boutique located smack-dab in the heart of Downcity Providence.

Part gift emporium, part art gallery, & part candy-colored theme park, Craftland has been Rhode Island’s premier showcase for unique handmade gifts and a hub of creativity for Providence’s maker scene since 2002.

Artist owned & operated, Craftland is dedicated to showcasing the originality, talent, and off-beat sensibilities of independent creators from here in Rhode Island and from across the country.

Every winter, we reimagine our store, find work from dozens of new artists, and launch the annual Craftland Holiday Extravaganza to make the holiday season super gay for both Ebenezers and elves alike. Shop Craftland this holiday to discover a dazzling selection of treats and treasures you won't find anywhere else!

Want more local holiday gifts?

Check out Craftland's 2019 Holiday Pop-Up Show Map to discover craft and maker sales near you and all across Rhode Island!