Craftland Holiday Extravaganza 2017 Artist Info


✵ Ahoy Glorious Glittery Friends! Welcome to Craftland Holiday Extravaganza, 2017 edition!

✵ Here is what you need to know!


Craftland Holiday Extravaganza 2017 (our sixteenth year!) is a glitter-filled seasonal holiday craft consignment store that celebrates all kinds of stellar handmade objects and the shining stars who make them.  Craftland was started 2002 as a seasonal craft show, set up as a pop-up consignment shop. Back when pop-up stores were not actually a thing! Since 2009, Craftland has been a year round store carrying over 100 artists designing and making their products in America. Craftland Holiday Extravaganza is the super magical time when we carry around 150 artists during the holiday months! Craftland is now open 7 days a week in two different locations, with extended hours during the holidays. Craftland stores are located in:

212 Westminster St.
Providence, RI 02903
East Greenwich
264 Main St.
East Greenwich,RI 02818

The Holiday Extravaganza Kick-off Party is on Friday, November 24th! Please save the date and join us!

✵ $$$ MONEY $$$  

Artists will receive 50% of the Retail Price, which will be set by Craftland based on the artist's suggested retail price.
 Artists will be sent a check for November's sales in mid-December, and December's sales in mid-January. Any promotional discount that Craftland offers to customers (like coupons) will be deducted from Craftland's operational percentage and not from the Artist percentage. Artists are not responsible for claiming sales tax – Craftland is - and we're exempt! (note - this is different from US Federal Income Tax which the Feds require you to claim if your check is over $400 and you get to file your own income taxes).



We have a fancy inventory system which allows us to both keep track of your work and also magically print price labels. In order to keep everything organized, we request (demand) that you provide us with your inventory list (in effect your packing list) digitally before delivering your work to Craftland so that we can have your labels ready to go when your work arrives. Artwork due dates are below. 

Please transmit your info to us via the handy inventory form named CraftlandInventoryForm2017.xls  This form was emailed to you. Enter all of your contact and product information, save it with the file name yourbusiness2017.xls, and then email it to just before delivering your work. How important is that? SO VERY IMPORTANT.

The inventory form is a Microsoft Excel document. If you do not own this software, many email programs will still allow you to open and edit the file. If you are not able to open it any which way about it, please ask a handy, techy friend to help you!


✵ All artists who do not currently have work in the shop, must deliver work by:

November 1st. 

✵ LOCAL ARTISTS must drop off their work at either Craftland locations during regular business hours on assigned due date as described above.

✵ NON-LOCAL ARTISTS must ship items to arrive by assigned due date above to: 

264 Main St.
East Greenwich, RI 02818.

Artists are responsible for all shipping charges to Craftland. Please pack work sufficiently for shipping! Craftland is not responsible for items damaged during delivery to Craftland - and insurance coverage is encouraged. See below for other items you may wish to include in your package. 

>> YES, the sooner you send your goods, the sooner they will be displayed, the sooner you make $$ <<


✵ If you currently are selling in our year round shops, please deliver/ship your holiday goods by:

November 5th.

 Our managers should have been in touch with you to keep your merchandise nicely stocked. It is important for YOU and Craftland that you keep your inventory well replenished. If you have not sent us products in the last two months, please email us at We will happily send you an inventory list and give you an idea of what we will need for the holidays. Feel free to let us know if you think you need more time. While we are strict with our deadlines, we are actually nice and very understanding. That being said, if we do not receive your work by November 5th, or hear from you regarding its whereabouts, we reserve the right to pull any remaining stock in the shop. Communication is the foundation to successful relationships, and the ordering of ice cream. Please ship all work to Craftland PVD. Hand delivery can be done at either locations during regular store hours.


✵ ALL ARTISTS Please complete the file CraftlandInventoryForm2017 and re-save it as the file name yourbusiness2017.xls  and email to prior to delivery to let us know your work is on its way. 


• A signed copy of the Craftland Consignment Contract (which you should read thoroughly).

• A hard-copy of the submitted inventory form (which you also emailed to us, because you are smart).

Your products (YES!!). Please note: when you package your work for delivery, it helps our customer service robots in unpacking and pricing your work if you group like-items and clearly label them the same way you listed your items on your inventory form.

• Samples for our party goodie bags for customers, please send between 25-50 doodads and label them as goodie bag doodads (optional).

As mentioned, we will use the inventory form to create your pricing labels prior to your work arriving. No price changes will be allowed after this has been submitted! To ensure accuracy, all artists must use our inventory forms in hardcopy and digital form; definitely do not list wholesale prices; and no freestyling with your own forms is allowed. That's what your artwork is for. Freestyling. Got it? Yay.



Craftland is responsible for the set-up and display of each artist's work. Craftland will display a representative sample (if not the entire inventory) of each artist's work to its best advantage with regard to space and overall look of the shop. Craftland reserves the right to display the quantity and type of work at its discretion.

How much work should you send?

As much as you can! We display as much inventory as fits with our aesthetic, and we store remaining inventory as back-stock. Likewise, it is difficult to create a proper display if the stock we have on hand is very limited in quantity. So again, send as much as you can. Any remaining work at the end of the show will be returned to you with great care.

You will not be allowed to remove inventory during the duration of Craftland Holiday Extravaganza, but you are welcome and encouraged to send more if the store manager emails you to let you know that your stock is low.

Don't forget to consider packaging!
Hang tags and labels are a great way to provide fun information about your business and mad crafting skillz. While not every item necessarily needs packaging, it can be helpful to protect and showcase your work if done so in a clear and clever way. We also need something that a price tag will stick to. Please also consider the size of your tag relative to the piece.  Please, no long dangling strings (or dental floss - Eww)! They get tangled, look messy, and can easily get ripped off your products. There is no need to put prices on anything, but it is helpful if you label things when you are packing your goods, so we can easily tell what is what.

All textile items (shirts, scarves, hats, plush toys, pillows, etc) must have hang tags fastened to them. The best hang tags are short, so that they don't get tangled and fall off. We highly recommend picking up a tagging gun! Again, please do not use dangling strings, threads, or floss.

All single cards with envelopes must be in plastic sleeves. is a great resource and even sells hippie biodegradable bags!

Testers and Display Samples. If you sell things that people like to open, like candle tins or magnet sets or perfumes, consider supplying us with a marked TESTER or DISPLAY product sample so people can use that one to put their grubby paws all over.

Also, if you sell things that are breakable, like glass ornaments, you should probably send along gift boxes. In general, we supply shopping bags and tissue paper, so if your item is more high-maintenance than that, then please send along appropriate packaging to best protect all the time and energy you put into making the items.

Craftland supplies basic jewelry boxes (2"x3"x1", 3.5"x3.5"x2" and 5"x7"x1"), so please do not send your own unless you make something oddly-shaped. No large hang tags on jewelry, please!


Craftland maintains an updated website and email list, distributes thousands of gorgeous postcards (featuring the artwork of Jen Corace), sends out spine-tingling press releases, and generally spreads the word about your work far and wide (through mind-control). Please look for our advertising on RI NPR, RI Monthly, Providence Monthly, SO Rhode Island, Hey Rhody Magazine, and more! We also ask for your help so that we all benefit. Please post the banners we email to you on your website and social media! They make great profile and/or cover images! We will have thousands of postcards printed, featuring the amazing artwork by Jen Corace! Do you LOVE it? We do too!!

 Out of town artists, would you love some postcards to send out? Just let us know and we'll mail you some!


✵ November 1st or November 5th - Inventory due along with your consignment contract and a hardcopy of your inventory form and your IRS W-9 form. Email us your digital inventory form named yourbusiness.xls before delivering your work on 10/23 or 11/6 as defined above. All the forms are attachments in the email you received.

 November 10th - Artwork delivery cut-off

November 24th - Holiday Extravaganza Kick-off night partyyyy!!! 6-8pm (please come! bring your friends!). Delicious snacks, various "Craftland traditional" cheese balls, liquid drinky drinks, and other super fun party stuff will be here. Come join us! There will be special treats for our artists!

✵ December 15th - Community Fundraising and Holiday Celebration! Craftland is truly grateful for its supportive community. We are proud to introduce our annual "Craftland Community Grant" this year! Keep your eyes peeled for more info and vote for your favorite local non-profit!

✵ December 20th - November sales checks mailed!

✵ January 20th - December sales checks mailed!

January 20th - 31st - Remaining inventory pickup or return shipped. Please check our website for after holiday hours.



Drop off  locations (either!):

Craftland PVD : 212 Westminster St. Providence, RI 02903

Craftland EG : 264 Main St. East Greenwich, RI 02818

✵ Shipping  address:

Current store artists: Craftland PVD : 212 Westminster St. Providence, RI 02903

All new holiday artists: Craftland EG : 264 Main St. East Greenwich, RI 02818

The Providence store number is 401.272.4285 (however, we would appreciate questions via email, since trying to stay on top of selling your beautiful wares makes long chats on the phone difficult).

Any questions about inventory and/or due dates, please email:

Mailing address changes should also be sent to:

Aaaaand one last little thing before you go back to your studio, please bookmark this super secret page so you can come back and reference all the very handy and useful information. The only way you will be able to access this page is via the link we sent you in your email.

WHEEEEEEW!!! You made it to the end!!!  Thank you for everything you do ! <3