Interviews are back! Meet the newest member of the Craftland team: Cara Adams! July 12, 2013 11:46

I've heard that you all have been missing our weekly interviews. Well, they're back! Not sure quite yet if they'll be weekly or sporadic, but they're back! I'd like to kick things off with an interview with our newest team member, Cara Adams. Cara started a couple of months ago after moving to Providence and it already feels like she's been here for ages, she fits right in with our quirky bunch. Please read on to learn more about Cara, and look forward to Cara doing some blog posts in the future. Welcome, Cara!

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you.
Hello, I'm Cara Jane!  I'm the newest member of the Craftland All Star team.  I'm a Costume Designer, crafter, performer, tap dancer, writer, baker, Trekie, lover of bad puns, and just an all around wicked goober.  I'm fortunate to reside in one of the live/work spaces at AS220 in downtown Providence.  I hate Piña Coladas, but getting caught in the rain isn't so bad if its a warm summer rain and if I'm not on my bike.  Oh yes!  I love biking too.  You might have seen me peddling around town wearing a green helmet with three purple horns on the top.  My own construction, if I may say so modestly.    

What prompted your recent move to Providence?          
Often people look at me with no small amount of disbelief when I tell them I moved from Chicago to Prov.  It was not for a lack of opportunity or admiration for the city it's just that Chicago was very big, very sprawling.  I wanted a smaller community that still had a hoppin' arts scene, and, after some research, Providence seemed to be it.  I moved here with my partner, and once we arrived everything kinda just fell into place.  One might say it was divine providence (and I'm pretty sure that joke wasn't exhausted after the first five times I told it).  Plus, I'm originally from the East Coast and I missed the ocean.  Not that Lake Michigan wasn't pretty, it's so huge I could sometimes trick myself into thinking it was the ocean, but near Chicago it was best not to swim after it rained for fear of contracting E Coli.

What kind of creative stuff do you like to do/make?
Back in Chicago I did Costume Design and Costume Crafts for theater, and I'm doing a bit of that here up in Barrington teaching stage makeup workshops and designing a show at a children's summer theater camp.   Other than that I make a variety of fiber-y creatures and kooky hats sculpted from discarded clothing and fabric.  I try to give new life to unwanted or undervalued everyday objects.  Just before I started writing this, I was actually working on a piece for an upcoming art show out of AS220 that involves a couple of empty San Marazano tomato cans that were just going to be thrown out.  When I'm not sewing, I'm drawing imagined scenes constructed from repeating patterns or practicing my time steps in my tap shoes with a little Benny Goodman playing in the background.

What do you like to do when you need a shot of inspiration?
I think play and experimentation are essential in maintaining an active, creative mind, so, when I need inspiration, I'll do one of four things depending on my mood.  I might doodle aimlessly. For me, the aimlessness relieves any sort of pressure brought on by expectations, allowing my mind to flow freely.  Often times, images I want to use in more finished pieces will be taken from my doodles.  I also might choose to do a bit of yoga.  In yoga, I am able to re focus totally on my body relieving my mind while still keeping it stimulated.  It's a great way to experiment with and to learn what my body can do in an environment that emphasizes self care and loving kindness.   Going to the library and flipping through random books also helps inspire me simply because I will probably learn or see something new and fascinating. I might also bake a pie or some cookies or something.  I like to pretend I'm a chemist in a homemade apron.  


What is your most precious handmade item?
My most precious handmade item is probably a rug that my Grammy Jane latch hooked back in the 70s.  It's got a couple of pink and brown mushrooms on it and some butterflies.  Actually, it looks like at one point it might have been a mustard yellow color, but it's just been sitting in the sun for the last three decades and now all the colors have faded to various forms of paisley. 


Little known, fun fact about you.
Little known fact?  I feel like any little known fact about me is not going to be surprising even though it may be little known. What should I say, I love Star Trek?  Nope, too obvious.  I was on the swim team in high school?  Nah, not much to say about that besides that.  Hmm... Oh, I've got it!  I've never seen a moose in the wild before even though I'm from Maine.  I've been with people kayaking, camping, just driving down the darn tootin' highway that have claimed to see a moose.  I've been there, and they've shouted at me and pointed so aggressively it looked they were desperately trying very very hard to shoot something out of the tip of their index finger all the while secretly knowing it to be impossible, which just fed their desperation.  Like a little kid first discovering he can't do magic the same way Harry Potter can.  No matter how hard they pointed or how loud they shouted at my face, I never saw these alleged moose.  I think it's a glitch in the Matrix and that these moose creatures don't really exist.  I think it means that I'm the One. Sorry, Keanu Reeves, but you were still good in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure...