Brister Photo Photoshoot! July 01, 2013 16:48

I just have to share with our fans the fabulous photo shoot we did with the lovely Jen Brister from Brister Photo. Jen is a wonderful and talented photographer who works with a lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs to create Editorial Business Portraits. We were long overdue for some shots of the shop, and because Jen is so skilled at portraits, she also took photos of (most of) the Craftland team. We were so excited with the results, we just had to share! 

At any given time in the shop, we are filled with artists from all over the country. While we're always at about 50% local artists, we also have some artists we've never had the joy of meeting face to face, and who never have stepped inside Craftland. I thought those long distance artists in particular might enjoy seeing where we sell your gorgeous work. Thanks so much, Jen!