Corey Grayhorse in the Craftland Gallery - reception FRIDAY 3/8 March 07, 2013 16:16


Join us tomorrow, Friday, March 8th in the gallery for the opening reception of Artificial Memories! 
Craftland Gallery is popping with photographs by Corey Grayhorse from March 7th - April 6th. 

In Grayhorse's world, Japanese street culture collides with haute couture, and Hello Kitty courts Marie Antoinette. Scooping icons from their original context, Grayhorse transforms them into a new reality, with a reverent nod to the traditional and punctuated with a contemporary kiss. Her photographs embody a fresh and lively mix welcoming the absurd and surreal.

RSVP for tomorrow's reception (rescheduled from today) Friday, March 8th from 5pm - 8pm here on Facebook!