Friday interview: Viva Greetings! August 10, 2012 15:43

Happy Friday, everyone! This week I'd like to introduce you to another of our amazing letterpress artists, Carla from Viva Greetings. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Carla's collection of cards, and letterpress wrapping paper has been a huge hit here at Craftland. Read on to learn a little bit more about Viva Greetings. 


Please introduce yourself and tell us about your handmade business.
Hola my name is Carla Fonseca and I started "Viva Greetings" two years ago. I create letterpressed cards, journals & wrapping paper.

Describe your studio for us.
My apartment is currently my studio. I have outgrown my living space so I am looking for a bigger space. My garage is the home to my Heidelberg, Chandler and my letterpress collection- the rest is scattered around the house!

What was the inspiration behind your collection of bilingual stationery?
Born and raised in Mexico City and growing up in a multicultural and bilingual environment to an American mother and Mexican father, speaking and switching in both languages is just normal. That is the way that I communicate, so naturally as a designer I began to explore in that direction. I love my heritage so I put that into my designs as well.

What is it about the process of letterpress that you love?
The part that I enjoy most is forming designs and words with the blocks. I just love to put them together and create my items. My designs are bold and sooo not perfect... I have been called the "boy" of letterpress!

What's your most treasured handmade item?
Ohh that's a toughie. I love the cards and the journals...¡todo!

What does handmade mean to you?
I think that there really is no standard on what constitutes handmade. It's difficult to find the line. One item at a time with mucho love.

How did you become involved with Craftland?
I applied to be a part of a holiday show, was accepted and then I was asked to be a year round artist.