Friday Interview: Kristine Domingo! June 29, 2012 14:34

Happy Friday, everyone! This week I'd like to introduce you to the sewer behind our popular plush dolls, Sweet & Sour Goodies. Read on to learn more about Kristine, the handmade scene in San Diego, and what handmade means to her.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your handmade business.
Hello, my name is Kristine Domingo and I am the creator behind Sweet & Sour Goodies, “a sweet design with a sour disposition.”  I create sour faced handmade plushies. This business developed about 5 years ago when I began volunteering at Sharp Hospice, sewing Memory Bears for people that had lost a loved one from cancer.  The creation of the bears reminded me of how much I loved sewing when I was younger.  For Christmas, I wanted to make plush dolls for my niece, nephew and little cousin.  A few friends at work saw my dolls and asked if I could make them some too.  Before I knew it, I was taking orders for various doll designs and jumped head first into my own handmade business.

Describe your studio for us.
My workroom is an extra bedroom in our home.  It is a fair amount of space that can hold all the necessities: my sewing machine, fabric and all my little plush friends.  Now, since I’m a stay at home mom, I am able to have my daughter in the room with me working on her own craft projects while I create dolls.

What was the inspiration for your collection of plushies and their very particular expressions?
The characters in my collection were inspired by all the members of my wonderfully crazy family.  It represents each member’s alter ego.  Their angry or “sour” expressions were just a way to add humor to the dolls.  Angry nun, angry gnome…it would be hard to keep a straight face when you come across these characters.  The reactions I receive from people at shows are priceless.

What is your process like for creating a new character?
When I think of a new character I sketch out the details I want to include for that specific doll.  What will their hair look like?  How will their wardrobe be?  Within the sketch I include what color fabrics I’ll use and any other important details.  Then I make 1 tester just to make sure that everything will look as it should. 

What's the handmade scene like in San Diego?
I think that the handmade scene in San Diego is definitely growing.  People are getting involved in more DIY crafts and there is a strong desire from consumers to purchase handmade goods.  I know that it will only continue to get bigger.

What does handmade mean to you?
Handmade to me means creating something with your hands that you’re truly passionate about.  You do your craft because you love it and because it makes you happy.  I love handmade gifts because it lets me know that someone took the time out of their busy schedule to create something just for me.

How did you become involved with Craftland?
I participated in Craftland Holiday show back in 2009 and loved it show much.  I was given the opportunity to participate in the 2010 and 2011 shows as well.

Little known, fun fact about you?
I have a top 5 creepy, hot guy list which always makes my husband laugh:

5.  Iggy Pop

4.  Willem Dafoe

3.  Tim Curry

2.  John Malkovich

1.  Christopher Walken