Artist Interview: Collisionware! March 16, 2012 12:11

Happy Friday, everyone! This week I'd like to introduce to you Angie Diersman, from Los Angeles. She is the lovely crafter behind Collisionware. Here at Craftland we carry some of Angie's handmade wallets, in three different sizes and these wallets have developed quite a fan base here in Providence. Please read on to learn a little bit about Angie, and the handmade scene in Los Angeles. 


Please introduce yourself and tell us about your handmade business.
I’m Angie Diersman and I started Collisionware in 2008. I really thought of it as a hobby at first but I found such passion in sewing that I wanted to do it full time. After years of planning and hard work, I was able to quit my day job last June and continue on this crazy adventure. My collection is a little miss matched but I really just love designing and creating new pieces. I never want to limit myself to just one thing. So when you take a variety of kitchenware and throw it together with carryware, you have a collision of wares. Giving you Collisionware.


Describe your studio for us.
I converted one of the bedrooms of my LA home into my studio. It’s super small and filled to the brim but I love every inch of it. It’s all mine and it’s where I get to be creative everyday. If you can believe it, I’ve managed to fit an office area, cutting table and 2 sewing machines into an 8x10 room. Don’t be surprised if you find fabric in the kitchen though. Space is hard to come by in this city so I’ve had to get creative.

What's the handmade scene like in Los Angeles?
The handmade scene in LA is pretty incredible. Everywhere you turn you can find a weekend market or a small boutique selling handmade goods. I really think people who live here, get it. They understand what it is to buy handmade and support local artists. That’s what I love about California.

What do you do when you need a little inspiration to get you creative?
I like to go downtown to the garment district. Streets are filled with fabric shops and I can just browse through rows of patterns and colors. It may sound strange but just the sound of fabric being rolled off the bolts can brighten my day. Vintage furniture and clothing also really inspire me. Throw a 50’s dress in front of me and I’m ready to design a new collection.


What's been the hardest part about quitting your day job and working on Collisionware full time?
Being social! I’m a total workaholic and can spend 12 hours a day sewing without even realizing it. When I first quit my day job last summer, it took me a while to get into a routine. It’s easy to lose track of what you’re doing when you work from home. Only in the past couple of months, I’ve started to feel that it’s okay to take a day off or stop working before 10 pm. I’m so passionate about it that sometimes it’s hard to slow down.


What does handmade mean to you?
It means that someone has put a lot of thought and effort into creating something special. For me, I’m able to pay attention to all the details and make sure every stitch is perfect. I think that gets lost in a factory. I love that what I’ve made with my hands, ends up in someone else’s hands. It’s like a full circle.


How did you first become involved with Craftland?
I was contacted in Jan 2010 to see if I would be interested in working with Craftland. I jumped at the opportunity and it’s been a great experience for the past 2 years. I hope one day I can actually visit the store in person. I feel like I’m missing out on some greatness being all the way across the country.

Little known fact about you.
I’m really shy. It works well for me when I can stay cooped up in my studio but I definitely freak out a little when it’s craft show time.  Once a few conversations have been started, I’m able to calm down and just enjoy the day.