Lovers of love unite. February 13, 2012 16:36

 Hello sweet comic Valentines,

Do you need a treat for your sweet? Looking for a #1 superstar prize for yourself? The Craftland Certified Customer Service Agents Of Luv are here to assist you.

L-R: Daa Glass, Nervous System, Lilly Barrack

Heart Necklaces by daa glass: Characterized by lush color combinations & whimsical design, Daa Glass creates alluring and captivating jewelry for women of all ages. Glass heart necklaces are available on Sterling Silver or Gold Fill chains.

Radiolaria Earrings by Nervous System: Etched from a single sheet of stainless steel and plated with 24kt gold. Though they appear quite fragile, the steel meshwork is rigid and durable. These complex forms recall those of the microscopic shells of radiolarians, plant cells and even the familiar honey comb.

Rings by Lilly Barrack: A Southwestern artist influenced by life in Africa and Greece, Lilly Barrack's cross-cultural influences translate into geometric pieces made out of sterling sliver and untreated natural stones. Each piece is handmade and original, and most pieces are adjustable.

--> Plus we've got a treasure trove of jewelry in stock by independent artists in a variety of ranges to suit your budget -- and exquisite taste.