Because You're Worth It... January 23, 2012 13:42

Life is hard, readers. Do you find yourself despondent after the holidays? Are you suffering the doleful withdraws so familiar to those unaccustomed to finding their Christmas stocking conspicuously lacking in the departments of jewels, regalia, sparkles, twinkles, treats, and treasures? Fear not, darlings, for right under your nose lies a horizonless vista of the aforementioned delights, all hand made and infused with the special care that some would-be gift-giver failed to exude. While the season of giving passes, the time of "Because I'm worth it" reigns supreme. Though a dashing beau may come and go, Craftland remains to afford you every resplendent prize that you so deserve. Pamper yourself, readers! A tiny delight from our sorbet-hued displays is just the thing to shake a case of the Januaries. See you downcity!