¡Cinco de Mayo! May 03, 2011 13:48


Thursday, May 5th (that's Cinco de Mayo to you fancy folk), we're going to join in on the Downcity Block Party fun from 5-8pm! If an outdoor bar, food, games, music, and an outdoor movie wasn't enough, take note: We have commissioned select Craftland artists to create piñatas for our window display -- which you will have the opportunity to purchase! And then smash to bits! You're welcome to piñata-smash your new piñata at a time of your choosing. But we will have one filled with gift certificates and prizes for everyone to take a turn at bat that night!

Be sure to check out all the pinatas made by: Happy Owl Glassworks, Bit & Little Bit, Parrott Design, Bright Lights Little City, Traveling Rhinos, Fisk & Fern, Thimblewinder, Hoosier Magnolia, Stephanie Retz, Fishcakes, Amie Plante, and JFish Designs! But they're already selling, so get yours fast!


RSVP here!


P.S. Remember when we made that crazy piñata for our grand opening and it was so durable it took about an hour of smashing to break it? We promise not to build up as much anticipation this time. We want the candy, too.