CRAFTLAND ARTIST VIDEO! Mickey Zacchilli! March 23, 2011 08:34


Craftland was fortunate to work with Bennington College film student, Nick Raffanello, over his Field Work Term recently. Nick created three short videos featuring Craftland artists in the process of making their work.

The third and final video in the series features the ever-entertaining Providence screenprinter Mickey Z, creator of the Bullshit Joe & Gorilla Frank comic.

"Michaela Zacchilli has spent the better part of the last decade in Providence, screen printing. Since her time at the Rhode Island School of Design, Mickey has developed her own, unique style. Upon entering the Craftland shop, it is not difficult to discern which prints are Mickey's. She uses loud colors and loud images which draw a great deal of attention to themselves. This explains why she excels in creating posters to promote upcoming rock shows in Providence. One may say her style is abstract as she leaves a great deal to chance in the creation of each piece."

- Nick Raffanello

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