CRAFTLAND ARTIST VIDEO! Alec Thibodeau! March 17, 2011 08:10


Craftland was fortunate to work with Bennington College film student, Nick Raffanello, over his Field Work Term recently. Nick created three short videos featuring Craftland artists in the process of making their work.

The second in the series features Providence screenprinter Alec Thibodeau of Ink Ape, creator of gorgeous prints and our handy new Craftland totes!

"Alec Thibodeau is an accomplished screen printer. In his many years mastering the skill and art, he has developed a unique illustration style. His prints have been on major album covers and in gallery shows nationwide. Not long ago, his work was featured on the Late Show with David Letterman, as The Low Anthem called upon Alec and colleague Dan Wood to design the artwork for the cover of their new album, Smart Flesh. More recently, the piece in the video above, Stoked By Florae, is on display in a Providence exhibition which is strictly for printers. The above video illustrates Alec's process, from start to finish." 

- Nick Raffanello

See Nick's first video of marquee letter making artist Tom Toupin here!