Mother’s Day Gift Guide May 04, 2015 18:27

The countdown to Mother’s Day is upon us.  While every mom appreciates a hand drawn card, why not go all out for the woman who goes all out for you.

As extra fun, we are making the store even more fanciful. On Saturday May 9 and Sunday May 10 we are providing shoppers with MOMosas (otherwise known as mimosas to the non-mom crowd).

Assorted and colorful jewelry from Patricia Locke

Fashionable and a garden enthusiast? This Brooch can be planted after wearing.

Mamma and baby bird necklaces from Figs and Ginger

Mom not a green thumb? Why not choose these colorful felted cacti? They never need water.

Mamma Bear shirts from Maisonwares

Let mom show off her state pride with pins and necklaces from DA Metals

And don’t forget a card, mom will thank you!