Save da date! August 25, 2010 20:42


Happy birthdiversary to Craftland! Please join us on Thursday, September 23rd from 5-9pm for a fete-celebre, bashabration, party time USA to celebrate one full year of Craftland being a year-round store! We have a long list of excitement for that evening which we'll share with you later, but in the meantime we encourage you to enter that date and time into your digital or analog calendars.

Craftland, the annual holiday show, began in 2002. And we're about to host our 9th annual extravaganza of crafts in a couple months. But we also want to celebrate this other incredible milestone of operating as a real live brick & mortar shop. So we like to think about it this way: Craftland was dating for 8 years, but we finally tied the knot last year.

We don't mind if you call it our anniversary, or our birthday, or a civil union observed. But what we really want is for you to come party with us!