Field of dreams August 06, 2010 09:57

In the most recent Rhode Island State Council on the Arts newsletter,  Cristina DiChiera, Individual Artist and Public Art Program Director chronicles her "Staff Report from the Field" - at Craftland!

Cristina visited the "Sleight of Hand" exhibit at Craftland, guest curated by Rebecca Seimering.  Rebecca runs Providence Art Windows and is the new Director of the Arts and Business Council of RI.  Cristina forgives Rebecca for only including one Rhode Island artist in the show (Will Schaff) because this collection of hand-stitched and embroidered work speaks so beautifully to the current craft revolution, on the forefront of which sits our very own Craftland.  The gallery at the back of the store on Westminster St is a beautiful space and it gave each piece room to breathe, yet also pulled the viewer in to investigate their painstaking detail.  The exhibit was a cohesive whole that tied back into the mission and aesthetic of the Craftland shop in a very satisfying way.  

The next Craftland Gallery exhibit, "Chromophilia", is curated by Devienna Anggraini and Islay Taylor .  It runs from September 9 through October 9 and has its very own weblog

Thanks, Cristina!