To Remember June 07, 2010 14:55


Showing in the Craftland Gallery is an exquisite group show with an emblematic theme.

SOUVENIR STAND | Liz K. Sheehan guest-curator
Shannon Buck/ Loaded Hips Press
Lise Grossmann
James Milostan/ Paul Bunyan Fine Art
Alyssa Zygmunt/ BROOKLYNRehab

On display from May 27th through June 26th, we can examine how souvenirs are inherently contradictory. Though they evoke powerful memories for their owners, and may have high sentimental value, these objects are often cheaply and anonymously mass-produced in countries far from their point of sale. The artists in this exhibition share an intent to restore the maker’s biography to the souvenir, creating unique objects that reference both personal history and regional identity.

We may pour you a souvenir drink, feed you a souvenir snack, and offer you the opportunity to buy a souvenir.