The cars that go boom! February 26, 2010 13:46

This installation of the Official Authorized Craftland Blog is brought to you by FREE PARKING. We know you wish you could arrive at Craftland via hovercraft - and who wouldn't?! Until that time though, Craftland is easily accessible by bicycle with plenty of free bike parking out front. Another easy way to get here is via RIPTA bus or trolley as the transit system hub for the entire state is just down the street! And you don't even have to park that thing! For customers who like to walk, we have several chairs throughout the shop so you can, upon arrival, "park your carcass" as Mom would say. Oh - almost forgot, if you have a CAR and prefer to DRIVE, Shop Downcity customers get FREE 2-hour parking! Pull up to the lot and staff will valet it for you! Fancy and free. Just like the mints you get at the Craftland  register.