Who's That? January 23, 2010 19:43

Mummysam! That's who.

What's to love about Mummysam? Just about everything. From her choices in color to her eye for bringing patterns and sewn details together, Samantha's work brims with charm and personality. Her characters have a quiet, 1930s or 40s storybook quality to them. They tread an interesting grey area between toy, collectible doll, keepsake and sculpture.

I came across the work of Samantha Cotterill a few years ago and it made my day. It spun my top. It stuck in my brain in such a way that I would occasionally drop by her corner of the internet to see what she was cooking up. Internet craft crush? Interweb craft stalking? Eh...maybe a little bit of both.

But that was then, now is now and we are all luckier for it. A box arrived at Craftland from Mummysam this past Tuesday and I couldn't help but do a dance. I do small, on the spot dances for things I love or that surprise me: good food, the perfect snack (totally different than 'good food'), a killer hand in cribbage, a dress that fits right and now added to the list...getting to work with artists that I have admired for some time.

You can find Mummysam over at her blog. In the summer you can find her fabric designs over at Robert Kaufman.