Perpetual CRAFTLAND!!! July 06, 2009 15:02

Coming soon 

That's right folks, we meticulously posted vinyl lettering and kraft paper on the windows of the 235 Westminster Street space to declare: WE'RE OPENING SOON! Scheduled for the beginning of August, we aim to open our doors and not ever shut them again (except on temporary bases to sleep and such). Check out the interview we did with for all the details:

You asked for it. Now what do you saaaay? "Thank you Craftland."

An Interview with Deb Dormody of Craftland by Abby Saunders

One thing we look forward to each holiday season is Craftland, the shiny, sparkly, amazing collective craft sale that is only here for one month. And, the thing we've realized is that one month's not nearly long enough. So, Craftland heard our cries for hand-made items at our fingertips all year.  It's better than Etsy, it's better than cake, it's a year-round Craftland Store!

And chatting with us about their new store to open in August at 235 Westminster Street is Deb Dormody, one of the lovely and talented coordinators behind Craftland:
Who are the crafty minds behind Craftland?
Margaret Carleton, Me (Deb Dormody), Devienna Anggraini and Jen Corace have been working hard to make "perpetual" Craftland a reality. But our big holiday show will still go on in December too and that also features the crafty minds of Kristin Amico, Teresa Levy, Heather Larson and Heather Toupin.


Were you getting a lot of pressure to make Craftland available year-round? It's kind of like when you're blowing up a balloon and you fill it too much and it pops.  But instead of a scary annoying noise, you get a huge space full of glittery magic! ¨The requests to make Craftland year-round have increased with each annual show. And because our sales have also grown steadily each year, this past one being our seventh, it seemed to be the right time to pay attention to what our customers are telling us. The support we've received has really been enormous and we are incredibly grateful for that. We hope that a year-round Craftland will be a strong contributor to Providence's artistic community.  

Will you still have a holiday Craftland? Yes, our enormous holiday show will take over the entirety of the space, giving the gallery and classroom a vacation for the month of December. Last year, our holiday show featured the work of more than 170 artists. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to provide so many talented artists with income earned directly from their work. And on the flip-side, to provide our customers with an opportunity to shop for items made by hand by independent artists.  

What makes up the Craftland store? The new, year-round Craftland will feature a more select shop area than the large holiday show and take up a smaller area. The back of the space will house the Craftland Gallery with a focus on contemporary craft. This will also double as our classroom – the Craftland School of Craft – where professional artists will teach craft classes 2-3 times per week. Since we will also have an online shop, a portion of our space will be dedicated to shipping – but that will be a secret, less-glittery area. 

  Will you carry a lot of the same artists as the holiday Craftland sale? While the aesthetics of the Craftland Shop will certainly be similar to the annual Craftland Show, our aim is to have a more pared down and hand-picked selection of merchandise for the shop — featuring work from about 70 artists. With an ever-rotating inventory though, customers will still have to be quick to snap up items they like!  

When do you open, and how long has the process been? We open in August! Seeing the contractors working on the space right now is really exciting for us. HVAC ductwork has never been more thrilling. The idea to go year-round started percolating after one of our wrap-up meetings this past February. We normally give ourselves a month off from the year-round planning process. But instead we went into high-gear. Our ideas for large projects like this are usually induced by whiskey cocktails.

Will you have an online store?You bet! The online store will be made up of just a couple dozen products to start as we experiment with the right fit. 

Will you have an opening PARTY? If there's one thing Craftland knows how to do, it's throw a party. While we will open in August, our grand hoo-ha celebration will be in September. It will be a blast. Stay tuned! 

Are you excited?!?!!! We are so excited, nervous, psyched, thankful and gung ho!

Thanks, Deb! Downcity will be a happier place with Craftland as a permanent fixture.  Welcome to the Neighborhood!