No. Thank YOU. January 11, 2009 12:56

Craftland organizers love it when the boxes of artwork start arriving. It reminds us that all the incredibly exhausting and hard work that we do has a really cool purpose. Opening up each box is like complicated yet joyous Christmas morning in which we examine beautiful presents but then set them out for other people to purchase and give away. We're enablers. Glittery crafty enablers. But THEN, some artists take things a step further and enclose presents in their boxes just for us! One was marked for "the Craftland volunteer who hangs my work" while other artists presented their treats to Craftland as an entity. Bribes Prizes included: handmade art, candy, art supplies and a gift card to a coffee shop! Craftland artists are the best! It goes without saying that we are so very grateful to the artists who participated in Craftland 2008. They spend extraordinary amounts of time creating meticulous and amazing goods by hand, and then trust us to provide a quality venue to represent their work. Thank YOU Craftland artists! Gift ideas for next year include: gift cards to liquor stores. Craftland would also like to thank our dedicated customers who seek us out every year. We admire your appreciation of the handmade and are much obliged that you would consider us for your gift-buying needs. We know that your dollars were spent more thoughtfully in this economy. You can feel extra satisfied that your shopping patronized the work of independent artists - and that recipients noted your heartfelt gifts.