Interview with Jennifer Ramos | Textile Fetish! November 28, 2008 11:49

Jennifer Ramos of Textile Fetish is a fancypants sewer from Austin whose skills and designs have been featured on the DIY Network program Uncommon Threads. Not only can you feel good about the colors and textures she incorporates into her designs, but the fabric she uses is often reclaimed from discarded textiles! What kinds of products will we see from you at Craftland? Useful things, fun things, for children and grown ups. What are your favorite kind of fabrics to work with? Cotton. I like it old and new in all of its incarnations. How do you balance your crafty work with being a mom? Thankfully, the kids are in school at least part of the day. That in itself is a job, because their schools are very community-oriented and I like to help out there when I can.  So when I can be home in the morning, I try to get as much done as possible. Yeah, I’m still working on this. What does your workspace look like? The workspace is right at the front of our house, as it was intended to be the formal dining room.  We don’t dine formally! I try to keep it fun, but organized.  So when we have friends over, that’s what they see first – my studio. Then they want to go in and touch everything and ask questions. I like that. I want people to accept this as an integral part of who I am. What kind of tools and equipment do you use? I use a serger and a sewing machine, needle and thread... you know – sewing stuff! What's your favorite part about having your own crafty business? In all honesty I think that creative expression is what keeps people balanced. So I do lots of making. In order to be good at one thing, I have to do that one thing (sewing) lots! Besides that, I’ve gotten to know some fantastic, inspiring people and  I’ve gotten to travel.  I’ve been on a nationally televised program (that apparently re-airs occasionally at 4 in the morning), and I had one project published in a book. How cool is that? My sociology degree, and supplemental education in the field of criminal justice,  would never have taken me to these places.