Subatomic particles = jewelry November 25, 2008 22:32

I remember seeing the work of Marya Errin Jones of electronrings for the first time at a craft sale at AS220. Felted fuchsia baubles called out to me and one Noney trade later, my honey had scored me 100% more woolen accessories than I had previously ever owned. I encourage you to stock up on these fine works at Craftland for cute accessories that also keep you warm! What is your typical crafting schedule? I crochet at night, mostly, and when I say night, I mean the wee hours of the morning. But my guilty crafting pleasure is I've come to define my crafting time in terms of episodes with limited commercial interruptions! What are your favorite art-making materials? Yarn, first and foremost. Vintage rick-rack is pretty cool. I consider words to be art-making materials too. Right now I am looking for a support group to help me work through my growing addiction to buttons. Buttons with the thread still looped through them oh-oh-oh! The other day I caught myself sorting my big jar of buttons into ridiculous categories, like how cold is this button verses this other button? I need help. If buttons become a suitable form of currency again, I'm all set. How did you get into felting? I started felting years ago, when I made my first handbag. I guess I was worried that things might fall through the stitches or something, so I felted it, for that added security (Ha)! Now, I haven't gotten into felting techniques using unspun materials yet-- I felt things I've crocheted first. There's this boucle effect you can get from felting something you've crocheted first that I really like. I've tried needle felting, but have yet to learn how to wield that sharp tool. What does your work area look like? I work in a turquoise blue room with lots of east-facing sunlight. I often find myself crocheting and brooch making at my desk-- a vintage dining table. Right now my work space looks like the inside of a felt blender. Time to tidy up and start all over again. What do you listen to while you work? I listen to a lot of Kate Bush. She makes the crocheting go much faster, mostly because I help out and sing along. After I get my "Bronte on," I listen to Roxy Music. Generally speaking, I try to think good thoughts while I work. No crying in the yarn, please. With a big project, I like to repeat a mantra to myself with all the stitches. Not necessarily aloud, but as a prominent thought in my head. Something positive that fits my crochet rhythm like, "You are lovely," or, "You are beautiful." I often do that with small projects as well. What inspires your designs? I named my craft business electronrings, and the first product I made was a crocheted and felted ring - one electron: Hydrogen. I'm inspired by astronomy, the mysterious Nazca Lines in Peru, the 1970s. I'm inspired by a somewhat grandiose thought that with some of my more "tribal-looking" pieces, I am continuing the felt-as-adornment tradition. Not that whilst between wars, people were screaming, "Queen Boudicca!! Queen Boudicca!! What are you wearing!?" But, I often imagine what some of the felted jewelry designs were like. They must have been incredibly intricate, maybe with knots and twists; shells and stones embedded in them! Recently I've been making lots of things with this dark, striped fabric I found. It's sad, lonesome fabric, so I started making hearts of out it. Lately I've been thinking about the Great Depression (isn't everyone) and how everything was handmade. EVERYTHING. I've been thinking about newspaper as wallpaper, and how often household items might have been made out of scraps; out of whatever was around. How do you make life beautiful when you've got scraps? I've started making these heart-shaped tree ornaments with vintage buttons on one side, and black Czech beads on the other.  My scrappy hearts say, "I'm still here and I can still twinkle, just a little, not like gold, but you see me shine just fine, don't ya?" Do you have secret other pursuits? I'm slowly starting to revisit my love for paper collage. I not-so-secretly co-write, co-produce, and perform in a monthly cabaret called The Empire Revue, at AS220. I am writing songs with Robert Louis Stevenson -- his lyrics, my music.