Something's Hiding in Here -- and it's love November 07, 2008 20:54

Last year when Craftland received inventory from Something's Hiding in Here in the mail, each series of products in the big box was meticulously packed into smaller, pretty white boxes, stamped by hand, and sealed with heart tape. To say that this couple residing in Philadelphia are detail-oriented is like calling Barack Obama president. No duh. But if Shauna and Stephen were on the ballot, I would vote for them as many times as I could because that would mean our Nation would become a state of beauty & standards all covered in glitter. What do you make? Wood rings, mustaches on a sticks, tote bags, rolodexes, stationery, cast plaster objects, glitter-covered trinkets... What is your work space like? We are pretty lucky that our studios are in our loft! Although our dogs have to put up with a constant dusting of saw dust on everything, we love it! We have a wood shop, a clean studio, a printing area and our kitchen is used mostly for casting and mold making. How many hours per week do you get to devote to your business? 40+ hours a week (each). We feel like we never, ever sleep! What do you like about Craftland? The organizers really know what they are doing and put on a good show! We can be confident that we will be proud to have our work be a part of it! Where else do you sell your work? We are in 20 boutiques in the U.S. and just started working with shops in London, Australia, and Amsterdam. How come you don't live in Providence? We move around a lot! We are currently in Philadelphia after recently living in Miami, Detroit and Kansas City -- who knows, maybe one day we will end up in Providence. Could we be so lucky?