Drawing with wire November 01, 2008 12:13

C.W. Roelle is known in town as Sonny. He makes up 50% of the band Sentimental Favorites and will probably beat you at bowling. What he's most known for internationally though are his exquisite drawings made with dark annealed steel wire. And the titles of his pieces are usually evocative in their own right -- "Hmm, I'll Take, Um, Give Me Uh, Ulysses". What do you make? I make (mostly) 3-dimensional line drawings with wire. What is your work space like? I have a 365 sq ft mill space with 15 ft ceilings. I had wanted a studio for awhile but finally had to get one when I made a piece that wouldn't fit through the door of my apartment. There are books and tools and video games and empty soda bottles and lately, lots of insulation and spray foam bottles laying around (I'm winterizing). Oh, and a lot of spray paint cans. My studio-away-from-studio is the 8 ft. by 9 ft. office at the parking garage where I work 35 hours a week. In there is a radio, desk, air conditioner, an old computer and my cassette tape collection. How many hours per week do you get to devote to your art? As many as possible -- there is a lot of down time at my job (I work a couple 12 hour shifts where I do maybe 2 or 3 hours of parking business and the rest is art). I've been going to the studio more and more on my days off but I couldn't say exactly how much. What do you like about Craftland? It offers both an opportunity for artists to get exposure and sell their work and for people to pick up some reasonably-priced original gifts. Where else do you sell your work? Right now I have stuff at Frog And Toad on Hope Street in Providence. In December I will have some work at 5 Traverse Gallery in Providence. Next July I have a show at the AS220 Project Space. I also sell things through my website. --> Learn more about CW Roelle in this short video!