Getting to know Jenine October 25, 2008 18:30

Jenine Bressner is a Craftland 2008 artist who is based out of Providence, RI. Her unparalleled personal style combined with her charming enthusiasm and mad flameworkin' skillz make her a treat to see around town. We asked her a few questions and she was kind enough to answer them!

Tell us about what you make. I flamework glass components! The torchworking process feels analogous to drawing, mid-air, with molten glass. I incorporate the glass forms into larger wearable pieces, using forged sterling silver and handmade textile elements. I also like to sculpt dolls and puppets with handmade glass eyes and glass teeth. What is your workspace like? I share a studio space. My set-up is pretty small, and all of the glass stuff (torch, kiln, tools, glass) fits on a table that's 2 by 6 feet. All of my metal tools fit on an even smaller desk. We also have a crafts area for textiles, and a screenprinting area. How many hours per week do you get to devote to your art? I've been traveling a lot lately to do shows and sales, and I've been writing a lot for work (applications for juried shows, interviews, teaching, other communication) as well as making stuff every day. I definitely do this full time and then some.

What do you like about Craftland? I love that Craftland lasts for more than a day, and that it doesn't care what art school you went to (or if you didn't go at all) but everything there is smart, beautiful, and well- made. I love that it showcases so many friends on our own turf, as well as folks from faraway places. It is delightfully diverse, and I feel proud to be a part of it! Where else do you sell your work? I sell work online, at the Maker Faires, Bazaar Bizarres, and RISD Alumni Sales. Mostly craft shows, not usually through regular stores or galleries. What makes you stay in Providence? The many very amazing people in this small place, and the human scale of life. I love Providence's history, location, looks, and attitudes.

Thanks for sharing, Jenine!