Friday Interview with Liz Novak of With Care Jewelry December 11, 2014 22:31

Introduce yourself and tell us about your handmade business.
My name is Liz Novak and, while I am originally from New Jersey, I love living in Providence, RI. I create a jewelry line called With Care Jewelry. In addition to jewelry, I have over 10 years of professional sewing experience and a BA in drawing. I really, really like little dogs.

Can you describe your studio?
My studio is in the 3rd floor attic of our apartment. It has 2 windows and about 50 square feet where I can stand up straight.

What's your creative process, how do you find inspiration?
I spend a lot of time looking at things. I love to be nosy and check out small details. Clothes, cars, buildings, plants. I don't care much for gems or designing something of outrageous material worth -- just things that I find pleasing. Previously, I've worked mostly outward, expanding interesting details into a full line of jewelry stuffs. Lately, I've been trying to think more broadly so that I can present a total collection all at once instead of a necklace here, a ring there.

Do you remember the first piece of jewelry you ever made?
I was a real entrepreneur and had all the girls in my 3rd grade class snapping up my seed bead necklaces. That's the first time I can remember the sublime marriage of craft-for-money in my life.

How did you become involved with Craftland?
I visited my first Craftland show back in 2006 when it was still a pop up. Being a participant is kind of dream of mine. This year’s application was dripping with hidden emotion!

What do you feel is important about buying handmade? I cherish my handmade items far more greatly than ones in my life bought from... wherever else. I'm an object person with a house full of stuff. I love to look around and see things that have been made by hand, especially by my friends (often times, the process of buying a piece also becomes the process of making a friend). When I look down and realize that I am decked out in clothes and accessories made by people I know, it's an incredibly warm and loving feeling.

Guilty pleasure?
I was raised Catholic so I'm pretty sure I still feel that all pleasure is considered guilty.