Celebrate Thanksgiving in Style - Pie Optional November 19, 2014 22:04

Heading to a friend’s house this Thanksgiving? Why not bring a small gift they can use instead of another pie? Ok, maybe bring a pie, too, but these stylish host/hostess gifts will ensure you get invited back next year.

Reusable lunch bags and wine totes by Girls Can Tell

Lead-free pewter measuring spoons by Beehive Handmade

Recipe cards by Boy Girl Party

Can't make it to the store to grab one of these gifts? Give us a call and we can ship them to you: (401) 272-4285.

And speaking of pie, did you know:
-The first pie crusts, called coffins, were created in the middle ages to evenly cook and carry meat
-Americans repeatedly choose apple as their favorite pie
-Apple pie likely originated in England, not America