Home Visits: Kath Connolly! August 29, 2014 04:30

When I thought of doing this series of home visits to see Craftland items in their final homes, I knew that Kath Connolly would have to be featured. She's been one of our artists, and one of our most enthusiastic supporters, and has been a part of Craftland from the first of our pop-up days. She's seriously the best person in Providence, no doubt. I creepily invited myself over to Kath's house to take some photos, and because she's awesome, she said yes! Getting a personalized tour of all her artwork was so fun. 

First up, some amazing pieces by Cody Thompson, from way back in our pop up days. 

Who remembers the pop up year that there were the vending machines with art? Kath spent a lot of quarters to get a complete set of these Alec Thibodeau screenprints.

A more recent piece, a Pretty Snake kitty pillow. 

And, another recent find, a piece by Ricky Katowicz. 

It should also be noted that Kath has never missed a Craftland event, and has tasted every cheese ball. One of the reasons we were thrilled when she won a raffled off gift at our recent Reopening Party. Customers like her make it having a store in Providence the best!