Inside peek into the process, a guest post by Ricky Katowicz August 15, 2014 11:11

This is the window to my studio. There are two more reading, “SEW” and “FLY” as well. They’re meant to act as reminders – but I rarely need to be reminded to eat. Below, you’ll see what it looks like when you look in. Nice, but also messy… which is just the way I like it.

If you look close, you’ll see books, an iron, and even a pretend birthday cake. 

In here, I make things with the use of a sewing machine and a willingness to find ideas anywhere. In this spirit, about a year ago, I collaborated with my three year old on a special project for Craftland. Using her sayings, I made little wooden cameos.


I had realized that she is always giving me this genius wisdom, and I am always writing it down… so it only made sense to take those sayings and embroider them.

I begin with one of the above gems and proceed to my Brother “Project Runway” edition home sewing machine. Using crinoline (an industrial use fabric) and black thread, I carefully make lines using a freeform method. The resulting piece is partly made by me and partly made by the machine.



At a recent craft sale in NYC, a fancy lady asked me, “Who does your copy?” I was happy to let her know that it was this little bundle:

I just hope she never gets too mad at me for stealing her sayings.   

To close, here she is describing what she would do if given the chance to take a unicorn home. 


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Thanks, and have a happy day.