Year Round Knitting, by Ana Campos of Toil and Trouble August 08, 2014 05:30

Many people talk about knitting as a seasonal affair, like a winter sport. When the snow clears up, they pack away their knitting until the first icy breeze hits again. Not me! I am a year-round knitter and I think everyone should be too. In the summer, consider taking your knitting out to a picnic at the park, on a boat ride, and yes, even to the beach (but probably not your precious hand dyed cashmere silk yarn). 

So what exactly does one knit in the summer? I'll tell you how I go about it. In June and July, I knit shawls. Not big bulky winter shawls, but lightweight fingering shawls with delicate designs. My picks this year were the Lida Shawl and Freesia. When they're finished, I carry one in my bag all summer for those air-conditioned restaurants and movie theaters. 

In late July, I start working on short sleeved shirts and maybe a lightweight cardigan so they'll be ready to wear in early September. I made a Boardwalk and a Whispers this summer.

By August, I'm ready to cast-on some socks. In fact, I have a ball of sock yarn sitting in my bag for when I finish the hat I'm working on. When that first chill hits, I'll be wearing my new socks while knitting up a big cozy sweater for the winter. 

 Toil & Trouble is the business of Ana Campos. She began to crochet at age 8, and learned to knit shortly thereafter. She believes that yarn is a manifestation of possibility, creating little pieces of possibility to share with the world.