Home visits: Holly Vine! July 28, 2014 09:36

Holly Vine works downtown for Indowncity, and pops into Craftland on a regular basis on her lunch break. I was dying to know how all these little things she's been picking up look in her new home. She was nice enough to send me some photos, and talk to me a bit about some of her favorite pieces. I think these all look so great and so at home. She definitely has a good eye for putting items together creatively, like putting a set of pins together in a frame, I love it!

What's your favorite item that you've bought at Craftland?
I love the pieces that have become part of the frame wall in our bedroom. I wanted to have a really eclectic collection of images and pieces, some I had put together myself and some pieces from local artists. I also wanted to have some difference in textures, so the range of artwork that Craftland has made it the first stop on my 'frame wall collection' mission!

The pieces in my collection from Craftland are:
Stag print cloth swatch- small yellow frame at top
Four small buttons- small white frame in center
'You Are My Sunshine' letter press- large white frame on left
Providence sketch postcard- ornate small yellow frame in center
'It's Going To Be Ok' card- white frame at bottom

Have you bought a great gift for someone from Craftland? Did they love it?
I'm always buying cards from Craftland: birthdays, weddings, special occasions, or a little pick-me-up for someone who needs it. Cards can so often be an after thought when giving a gift, but really, this is where the sentiment can be expressed the most. I feel that by putting heartfelt words into something someone has spent time designing, creating and producing, honors what those words are meant to convey. Cards from Craftland aren't the sort of thing that hang around on the mantlepiece for a few days either side of a holiday or occasion, they are kept, collected and cherished.

What do you love about buying handmade?
We've recently moved to a 'new' home (which is hugely misleading as it is old and scruffley and higgledy piggledy which we love!). We spent the first few months getting the space ready to live in and now we are filling it with who we are: I'm a cook and Charlie is an artist, so having artisan, handmade things in our home is essential.

When it comes to cooking, sharing food and flavours is hugely important to me. I think that is why I love spending time wandering around Craftland, the joy of having so many passionate artists offering beautiful, approachable and whimsical things that I can actually own, speaks to me as much as it does when I offer someone a slice of cake!

Buying cards, jewelry or homewares from Craftland isn't just about getting nice stuff, it's about inviting someone's time, energy, effort and passion into your home which is why I love to buy handmade.

Holly Vine lives on the East Side of Providence with her Husband, Charlie. By day she is the voice of In Downcity and at all other times she is the 'Holly' of 'Holly Likes to Cook' an online extravaganza of home cooked recipes, thrifty kitchen tips and tasty ideas.