We're moving! Yay! June 26, 2014 06:00

We are super excited about our upcoming move, and are thrilled that our artists and shoppers are too. We have the best customers! We've been getting a lot of questions about the move, so I thought I'd try and answer them here. 

Where are you moving? 
Not very far, just across the street and down a block at 212 Westminster Street. In Rhode Island speak, we're going to be where Wharf used to be. It's a mere 164 feet from our current space, on the corner of Westminster Street and Eddy Street. 

Are you moving into a bigger space?
Actually, the overall space is smaller than our current space, but is about the size of our current retail floor. Our current space has a lot of storage that we don't really need, so we'll be shrinking down to the size that is perfect for our year round shop. We'll be able to carry the same number of artists as you're used to, but we won't be able to super-size as much at the holidays, but we'll still stock our shelves full of handmade gifts for you, don't worry!

Are you still going to have the Craftland Gallery?
Sadly, this is one of the things that will change. We will no longer have a large gallery space with rotating exhibits. We love showcasing artists though, and are brainstorming new and different ways to showcase artists on a smaller scale in our new space.

Will you still offer classes in the School of Craft?
Yes, we will continue to have occasional classes and workshops. The majority of our most popular classes tend to be more intimate and don't require a ton of space, so we plan to continue to do them in the new space. We'll take a break though while we settle into the new space, so look for them in the fall. 

Will you be having a moving sale?
This depends on what we decide to take with us, and what we decide to part ways with. Most likely though, we'll have some display items available. Keep tuned to our Facebook page, as that's where we'll be letting you know about the details.

What is planned for the space you're vacating?
We're excited that our space will be filled by a fun pop-up store, the Providence Polaroid Project. It will be an interactive gallery space and Polaroid camera shop, and it sounds incredible!  

When is this big move happening? 
We'll be doing the heavy lifting on July 2nd. Please plan accordingly as the shop will be closed on July 1 - 4 and will reopen on Saturday, July 5th. You'll all be at the beach then anyway, so you won't even notice we've been closed. 

Will you be having a fabulous grand reopening party?
You know it! We'll use any excuse to throw a party! We don't have the date planned yet, but keep your eyes on our Facebook page, we'll post it there as soon as we know it.