We're Moving!!! June 09, 2014 13:07

We are so excited to share with you some exciting news! In early July we'll be moving to a new space at 212 Westminster Street. This new space is a mere 164 feet from our current location, so we'll still be in the heart of our favorite neighborhood. 

We'll be the same great Craftland, but in a brand new space!

As we pack and get ready to move, we'll be offering some of our display items for sale. To kick things off, we've decided to see this handmade macrame that was handmade by Jen Corace and has been our window display for the last couple of years. People have been wanting to buy it for years, and now is your chance!

We're selling this for $200 and it would have to be an in store pick up. If you're interested, swing by the store. If you have to have it and don't want to miss your chance, email info@craftlandshop.com and I'll Paypal you an invoice. It would need to be picked up by June 28th.

Please follow along with us on Facebook and Twitter as we make the move. We'll be having some display items for sale, and some for free, so stay tuned!