5 Tips for Makers to Make the Most of Social Media -- a guest post by Kristin Amico of Scraps of Paper May 23, 2014 04:00

If you’re like most independent artists I know, most of your time is spent making your handmade goods, packaging, answering emails, booth prep and setup, and many, many trips to the post office. And whatever time remains is dedicated to the rest of your life, like eating lunch and spending time with family and super cute pets.

This leaves little time to read up on the latest social media trends. Not to worry, I spend my days in a beige cube following social media best practices so you don’t have to!

Here are a few basics and beyond to help you promote your business and generate more sales using sites like Twitter, Instragram and Pinterest. Hopefully you’ll also find plenty of like-minded makers along the way.

1. Write great headlines for blogs posts and social sites. Think of a Tweet as a headline meant to have readers either click on a link, or follow you. Here’s how:

• Be direct and clear (30% off in the shop today)
• Use action verbs (Make it yourself -- vintage style circle skirt)
• Ask questions (Want to make a skirt from an old pillowcase? Here’s how)
• Offer tips (5 steps to create traffic stopping craft fair booths)

2. Use images--everywhere. You’ve become an expert at taking product photos for your website, now use those photos, as well as quick snaps from your smartphone, to post to social sites. Adding images to Twitter and Facebook significantly increases the numbers of shares, likes and retweets of that post.

3. Hashtag it up. Posting your pics to Twitter and Instragram is just the first step. Use hashtags to make it easy for folks to find you and your handmade goods. 

• Do you make #IndieWedding invitations?
• Are you attending the RenegadeBrooklyn Mini Market later this month? Use #renegadecraftfair or #RCFMiniMarket
• Always check to see if an event or shop has an official hashtag and use it liberally. As for other hashtags, do some research to see what’s popular and use these tags instead of starting your own, this will help bring an existing audience to your site.

4. Tag people and places. If you mention anyone in a Tweet or Instagram post, be sure to tag them using the “@” sign. For example: Dropped off recycled #travel notebooks at @Craftland today. This ensures that others will see your post and will be more likely to re-tweet.

5. Identify yourself. Don’t forget the details in your profiles. Be sure to clearly identify your business website, contact info, and other places people can find you online. After taking the time to snap swoonable photos and craft clickable headlines, the ultimate goal is to have people buy your stuff.


Kristin Amico is a marketing professional and blogger by day. She spends her evenings and weekends crafting and traveling, which is documented on her blog. She’s collected travel ephemera as long as she can remember, and for the last 10 years has been creating and selling handmade stationery that reflects her love of vintage papers and postage stamps.

Kristin’s notebooks and stationery can be purchased online and in select retail locations, including Craftland.