Meet the Illustrator, the lovely Jen Corace! December 30, 2013 16:08

This year so many of our shoppers commented on the gorgeous winter image we have on all our holiday swag. We loved hearing that so many of our loyal shoppers look forward to seeing each year's new image. Many of our artists also have told me that they collect each postcard for every year that they're a part of our annual holiday show. That just makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

Since you all want to know, our winter image is done exclusively for Craftland by local illustrator, Jen Corace. Jen has been part of the Craftland team forever and here at Craftland we feel like the official start of the holiday season is when Jen reveals her new artwork. I sat down with Jen for a quick interview to talk about the 2013 image. 

Photo by Corey Grayhorse

Tell us a little bit about this year's winter Craftland image.
Well, I love a little snowfall, some quiet alone time and I love snacks big time, so it all just came together pretty naturally.

How long have you been designing Craftland's winter image?
If I have my math right, I've been working on the winter cards for eight years now.

What's your favorite part about this yearly ritual?
My favorite part of the ritual is the sitting, staring and thinking ... it's the key ingredient to anything I do.

What's your process like to get from idea to our final image?
Okay.  So.  First I sit and stare and think.  Then, I make some lists and make some doodles next to the list.  Then I sit and think and stare some more.  Then I procrastinate.  I make some snacks, I watch Judge Judy, I clean, I do little dances and then a couple of days later I will return to my desk to sit and think and stare just a little bit more.  Then I sketch.  I'll sketch using the ideas in my lists and vague doodles until something clicks.  And as it all comes into focus I also start thinking about the color palette and then how the window display might come into play. When I've settled on a full idea I get to painting ... which is actually the real favorite part of the ritual as I like whittling down to the details ... whether it be patterning or buttons.  I love deciding on what details to include.

What does Leonard think about this year's snowman?
To be honest, all that Leonard cares about is that I finish so that I can feed him the snacks he loves so much and then cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie.  He finds all my art making booorrrring.