Our Jewelry Utopia! December 19, 2013 10:28

This year you may have noticed something a little different at Craftland, we're calling it our Jewelry Utopia. Over the years, Craftland has become a destination for shoppers seeking unique, handmade jewelry and we decided to highlight that to make jewelry shopping a breeze. I took a few moments to sit down with our jewelry curator, Devienna Anggraini, to learn a little more about the jewelry selection available at Craftland this year. 

What was the idea behind the jewelry utopia?
We always feel so proud when our customers compliment us on our handmade jewelry collections, so this year we stepped it up by carrying the largest collection of handmade jewelry ever in Craftland history. We decided to dedicate a special area in the store to jewelry this holiday season to give it a bit more space and properly showcase all the talent.

How many different jewelry artists are at Craftland this year?
We have about 40 total jewelers, which is about 15 more than we've had in past years.

What types of jewelry making techniques are represented?
We are very impressed by the range of techniques and materials we see in this years collection; from sophisticated items with basic jewelry fabrication techniques, to hand-blown glass capsule pendants with feathers inside. We feature many jewelers with formal and advanced degrees in metalsmithing, alongside amazing self taught designers. We have everything from lost wax casting, etching, glass lamp working, enameling, 3D printing, and an array of found object manipulation and assembly. Only at Craftland you will find melted Mardi Gras bead earrings, we can guarantee you that!

What trends are you seeing right now in the world of handmade jewelry?
I am seeing that jewelry makers are branching out to do the non-conventional. Their materials and processes become who they are and sets them apart from the rest. As we all know, there is so much jewelry made in this world and a lot of it is made cheaply overseas and do not last. I think coming up with a new look and making sustainable products is important if you want your brand and designs to be recognized. 

What makes a handmade piece of jewelry extra special?
Remember that jewelry you buy from local artists means more of your money is going directly into your own community and contributes to things like fixing your roads and building your community parks.