How To Do: Make Your Own Finger Knit Garland!!!! December 08, 2013 10:26

Hey everybody!  Just thought, in the absence of an interview,  I could share with you a Holiday decorating idea that I used on my very own X-Mas tree, a finger knitted garland chain.  You need no needles, just four fingers some festive-y colored yarn, and a bit of holiday spirit! 



1.  First begin by taking the end of your yarn and laying it across your palm between your thumb and pointer finger, like so.


2.  Now, take the yarn attached to the ball and weave it between your fingers going under the pointer, over the middle, under your ring finger and over your pinky.  



Go back the other way under your pinky, over the ring, under the middle, over the pointer. Repeat step two again so end up with two loops on each finger. 



3.  Beginning with your pointer finger, take the bottom loop lift it over the top loop and totally off your finger.  Do this for all four fingers.



Once you're done that repeat step two weaving more yarn between your fingers so you once again have two loops on each finger.  You are then ready to repeat step 3 again.  Do this until you have a chain you feel is long enough to wrap around you tree!

4.  Finishing off your chain is quite easy.  When you have just one loop on each finger, take the loop on you pinky, lift it off, and place it on your ring finger.  Lift the bottom loop, over the top.  Take that loop and place it on your middle finger, and lift the bottom loop over the top.  Move that one to your pointer, pull the bottom over the top.  Take the last loop off your pointer finger and pull on the end of the yarn so your chain is tight.  Last step is cut it loose from your yarn ball and knot off the end. 

That's it!  It's a pretty fast process that's great to do while watching TV, listening to the radio, or waiting for your holiday cookies to finish baking.